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I’m Egan Griffith and my blog, Boss Diva Beauty, has been encouraging women to love and invest in themselves for more than three years. By sharing my make-up tips, fashion advice, and personal story, I aim to inspire people to achieve a life of freedom, joy, and peace.

Be Fierce.

Be Bold.

Be You.

Be Fierce. Be Bold. Be You.

Why I Started Boss Diva Beauty

I started blogging as a career mainly for two things. The first is the financial freedom and the self-development this career has afforded me. I have been heavily reliant on other people’s help for several years due in some part to my health. This dependence has caused me to see myself as a heavy burden to everybody I cared for. But now, I’m able to take care of myself and feel good for my accomplishments and others’.

The second reason is to ease the financial and physical burden of my husband, George. He has worked 50-60 hour work weeks to provide for and take care of us. He's been always supportive of me, and he deserves more time to be at home and rest. This blog has given us the chance to do that and spend more time with each other.

Boss Diva Beauty
Boss Diva Beauty
Boss Diva Beauty
Boss Diva Beauty

My Mission

To help women accept themselves for who and
where they are in life and the moment.

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I hope that my beauty and fashion tips, together with my personal stories, will empower you to transform yourself to be bold, beautiful, and fierce. Get in touch with me today for questions or comments. I would love to hear from you.